Parent Resources

  • Austprem
    Through Austprem, families who have experienced the complex challenges of parenting a premature infant reach out to other families facing this journey, and offer friendship, information and support.
  • Australian Multiple Birth Association
    Support from 'those who know'. For families with twins, triplets, quadruplets and more...
  • Bonnie Babes Foundation
    The Bonnie Babies Foundation is a counselling service for families that have experienced the loss of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth or prematurity and related issues such as infertility.
  • L'il Aussie Prems
    Australia’s online support site for parents and families of premature babies.
  • Miracle Babies
    Miracle Babies celebrates and honours the birth of babies who enter our world challenged by prematurity or sickness.
  • Moment by Moment
    My main aim is to help other families by providing links to information and family support services and selling clothing and accessories. Most importantly of all I want to make all the Mums and Dads smile. If you know someone who has had a premature baby please direct them to this site or email me at and I will help in anyway possible.
  • National Premmie Foundation
    6 of Australia’s prem support groups have come together to form a national organization that will unify, and act as a guiding body for existing prem support groups, help to create new ones, help to improve the treatments and outcomes available for premature infants, and represent the interests of these infants and their families in terms of health policies, funding and standards of care.
  • PIPA - Preterm Infants' Parents' Association
    PIPA was formed in 1980 to provide a support network for the families dealing with the Premature birth of their baby in Queensland and Northern New South Wales Hospitals. For over 25 years this work has been carried on by a large number of volunteers whose lives have been touched and changed by a premature birth.
    SANDS (Qld) Inc. provides mutual support, information, education and advocacy for parents and their families who experience the death of their baby to miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death and other reproductive losses.
  • SANDS - SA
    SANDS offers support to all bereaved parents and relatives who have suffered the death of a baby anytime from conception through to 28 days after birth - this includes, miscarriage, neonatal death, stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy and genetic/medically advised termination. Our support to bereaved parents does not cut off at 28 days after birth, bereaved parents whose baby dies later in infancy are also welcome to SANDS. SANDS (SA) is a statewide, self help voluntary organisation run by and for bereaved parents. We receive no government funding and rely heavily on fund-raising efforts and donations. SANDS also exist in other States and the ACT. There is a National SANDS body to which States belong. SANDS is a self help group consisting solely of bereaved parents. SANDS bring bereaved parents together in a number of ways, through a Newsletter, Support meetings, and over the telephone. Parents who are 'down the track' in their grief, and who have done some training, support those who are just starting to grieve.
    SANDS is a self-help support group comprised of parents who have experienced the death of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, or shortly after birth. SANDS provides immediate and ongoing support to bereaved parents, families and friends. Sharing with others who have had similar experiences can assist parents to work through the often intense grief which follows the death of a baby.
  • Sids and Kids
    SIDS and Kids is dedicated to saving babies' lives through the elimination of sudden and unexpected infant deaths, and supporting bereaved families. We deliver on our vision through world class education, research, evidenced based intervention and advocacy.
  • Teddy Love Club
    Teddy Love Club Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support is a support program for bereaved parents who suffer the loss of their baby or babies to miscarriage, genetic inducement of labour, stillbirth and neo natal death.
  • The Featherweight Club (VIC)
    The Featherweight Club is a voluntary organisation established to support the families and babies of the Special Care Nurseries at Mercy Hospital for Women in Heidelberg, Melbourne and to raise awareness of their particular needs, both within the hospital environment and the broader community.